Alcove Cafe and Deli Wilston


house made banana bread, coconut and raspberry loaf or pear and cinnamon loaf

hot and buttered 8.50 add honey ricotta 0.50

fruit toast

hot and buttered 7 add honey ricotta 0.50

house made muesli

choose from our homemade mueslis, either toasted, bircher or baked apple & pear, served with yoghurt and seasonal fruits 12.90

italian eggs (gfo)
slow cooked italian sausages in a rich tomato sauce with poached eggs served with organic sourdough 17.90

kasundi wrap (gfo)
eggs, leg ham, avocado, greens and kasundi relish wrapped in a soft greek pita 14.90

walnut and ricotta pancakes

served with caramelised banana and honey ricotta 17.9 add bacon 21.90

forest mushrooms (gfo)
seasonal mushrooms sauteed in herbed butter on organic sourdough with poached eggs and manchego cheese $21.90
add prosciutto $23.90

avocado smash (gfo)
our famous avocado, feta and dukkah smash on organic sourdough 11.90 why not have it with:

  • –  2 poached eggs 15.90
  • –  haloumi and smoked salmon or bacon 18.90
  • –  ferg’s choice – eggs, haloumi and salmon or bacon 22.90

roast pumpkin fritters

roast pumpkin and chickpea fritters, avocado & fetta smash, marinated yoghurt cheese, relish, fresh greens, and organic sourdough toast 17.9
– add 1 poached egg 19.90

pa’s pie (gfo)

slow cooked savoury mince, 2 poached eggs and soft pita 18.9

salmon gravadlax

house cured salmon flavoured with dill, mustard and a touch of bourbon served with sourdough, eggs and seasoned greens 22.9

beets and greens (gfo)
a delicious tower of balsamic roasted beetroot, artichoke, spinach, pine nuts and goat cheese topped with a salsa verde and served with garlic sourdough toast 17.9
– add 1 poached egg 19.90

lamb koftas

middle eastern lamb koftas with herbed yoghurt, rosemary tomatoes, cumin rolled poached eggs, balsamic roasted beetroot and flat bread 18.90

huevos rancheros (gfo)
slowed cooked mexican bean salsa served with fried eggs, flat bread, avocado and sour cream 18.9 add smokey bacon or pulled pork 22.90

alcove breakfast (gfo)
poached eggs, bacon, sweet potato hash, grilled local haloumi, relish and organic sourdough with avocado or locally made sausage 22.50

extras 4

-poached eggs, haloumi, avocado, grilled tomato, herbed mushrooms, bacon, salmon, potato apple rosti



oriental chicken wrap (gfo)
coriander, lemongrass and ginger marinated chicken breast with slaw and a chilli lime aioli 16.90

with side salad or garlic & rosemary potatoes 19.90

porkie pig

bbq pulled pork wrap with shaved carrot, cucumber, corriander, burnt garlic and greens 16.90 with side salad or garlic & rosemary potatoes 19.90


handmade herbed lamb pattie with grilled local haloumi, caramelised onion, tomato, baby spinach and a mint yoghurt dressing, nestled between two slices of organic sourdough 16.90
with side salad or garlic & rosemary potatoes 19.90

portobello (gfo)
portobello mushroom burger with tomato, haloumi, spinach, caramelised onion and a tomato aioli 16.90 with side salad or garlic & rosemary potatoes 19.90

harti(choke) lamb salad (gfo)
chilli, garlic and coriander lamb backstrap with rocket, feta, artichokes and dukkah rolled sweet potato 20.90

prawn & mango salad (gfo)
ginger, kaffir lime, coriander and chilli prawns wtih shaved crunchy vege and herb salad and a sweet vietnamese dressing 20.90

salad (gfo)
salad of the day 14.90 add grilled chicken, ham or smoked salmon 18.90

gourmet sandwiches – made on organic sourdough and served toasted with a salad or rosemary potatoes 14.9 – grilledchickenbreast,cheddarcheese,avocado,tomatoandhomemadeaioli
– pastrami,swiss,sauerkraut,mustardandgreens
– seasonal roast vegetables, aioli and fetta